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Martian Fossils on Earth?

The Story of Meteorite ALH 84001
Illustrator:Photo IllustratedPublisher:StarWalk Kids Media
Target Age:9 - 12Grade:5 - 7

Narration:yesLexile Level:1110L
Guided Reading Level:ZReading:RI.5.4 RI.6.7 RI.7.1
Writing:W.5.4W.6.8W.7.2Speaking and Listening:SL.5.2
Language:L.5.4AR Level:8.0
AR Quiz:28866


How can we tell that meteorite ALH 84001 comes from Mars, and what is it doing on Earth?! This meteorite, found in Antarctica in 1984, provided scientists with evidence suggesting the possibility that life once existed on Mars. Dr. Fred Bortz uses the scientific process to break down what we know, and what we are still learning. Newly updated (2014) to include data acquired by the Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity rovers.

Editorial Reviews

BOOKLIST: Martian Fossils on Earth?

Gr. 4^-6. The cover looks like the trailer for a vintage sf movie of the 1950s (a connection the target audience may not make), but this isn't fiction. It's solid science and intriguing scientific speculation. Crisscrossing geology, chemistry, and astronomy, Bortz delves into the hoopla and controversy surrounding the meteorite ALH 84001, which has yielded evidence suggesting the possibility that life once existed on Mars. He begins with the rock's discovery in Antarctica and goes on to describe the scientific methods used to unlock its secrets and the impact of the discovery on the scientific community. Instead of captions, a system of arrows links the many photos to the text. Although this occasionally interferes with the flow of the words, the quaint system usually works well, sometimes providing a more direct link between picture and text than captions do.

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