Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

About the Fable Learning Collection

How many titles are in your collection?

Currently, we have over 600 titles live in our collection. As more titles are added to the collection throughout the year, they are automatically made available as part of your current subscription.

What types of titles are included in the collection?

Our collection is approximately 40% nonfiction and 60% fiction, curated for wide interest and reading levels for PreK to 8th grade students. Over 100 of our best titles have been professionally narrated in Spanish to support ELL. With particular emphasis on upper elementary level social studies and science, our titles work for both elementary and middle school-aged readers.

Who are your authors and illustrators?

The Fable Learning collection is tightly curated for excellence, showcasing the work of award-winning authors and illustrators that educators and librarians know and trust. Familiar and respected names in the Fable Learning catalog include Seymour Simon, David Adler, Jim Arnosky, Newbery Winner Joan W. Blos, Doug Cushman, Diane deGroat, Johanna Hurwitz, Kathleen Krull, Newbery Honor author Kathryn Lasky, Caldecott Winner Lois Lenski, Stan Mack, Caldecott Winner Emily Arnold McCully, Pat Mora, Doreen Rappaport, 2014 Sibert Medal Winner Susan L. Roth, Hudson Talbott, New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award winner Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Bernard Waber, highly decorated poet Jane Yolen, and many more.

Is your collection of titles reviewed by the journals?

Yes. School Library Journal called our collection: “...gorgeously designed pre-K through grade 8 eBooks…Tightly curated for exceptional quality…Making a subscription to StarWalk Kids Media [Fable Learning] a solid way to support Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for reading and writing.” Library Media Connection’s Recommended review (September 2013) noted that: Books download quickly and the icons are intuitive….Teaching Links offer suggestions for applying the CCSS. Also, our titles get reviewed. Kirkus Reviews called our original title MALALA YOUSAFZAI: WARRIOR WITH WORDS a moving real-life story, well-told and beautifully illustrated.” (March 2014)

How are your titles tied into the Common Core Standards emphasized now in 45 states?

Every eBook in the Fable Learning catalog has been evaluated and matched to appropriate Common Core Standards. The accompanying "Teaching Links" document, written by certified curriculum specialists, suggests approaches and activities to enhance CCSS-related learning for each specific book.

What do “device-agnostic” and “device-neutral” mean?

It means that we took the time to create our product to work with whatever computer, tablet, reader or whiteboard that you are using. Tablets require an app called the Fable Reader which is available for free from the Apple store (for iPad) and the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and the Amazon App Store (for Kindle Fire HD).

Why offer it as a subscription instead of selling titles individually?

Simply put, you get more for your money. Offering titles through a collection subscription plan provides you with extra benefits that individual title sales don’t provide. Only through the subscription plan do you have access to Teaching Links created for each title, and professional narration with highlighted word recognition for most of the collection. With the subscription plan, you receive immediate access to new titles as they are published and added to the collection throughout the year instead of having to make additional purchases. Because many of our titles are nonfiction, we have the ability to update them as we deem necessary because of current events and new information. An added benefit is that librarians/teachers can create and offer specialized groupings of titles within the collection to help students study a particular topic.

How can this be an affordable way to get access to all these titles?

Subscriptions start at $895 for a single location. This works out to $1.80 per title cost (for an average-sized institution) for access to over 600 titles for a year. Multi-site and district level purchase discounts can further reduce costs. There are no platform fees or other hidden costs. As the collection grows during the school year, your per-title cost will decrease further.

What percentage of the titles in your collection has the narration feature?

Roughly 70% of all 582 titles are professionally narrated. As a general practice, we do not narrate older reading level novels and chapter books.

What percentage of the titles in your collection has Teaching Links?

100%, because as we identify the reading level of a book, we create the lesson plans, regardless of the reading level or format. It’s part of our core promise to our subscribers.

What are the checkout limits for accessing your titles?

There are no limits. A class or even an entire school can read the same book at the same time without check-in/check-out delays or waiting lists.

Are brief MARC records available so the titles can be included in my library’s OPAC or circulation system?

Yes, these records are available to download for free. Customized records are available for an additional charge.

Are there non-traditional opportunities and uses available for the program in schools outside of the obvious library and curriculum tie-ins?

Absolutely! For example, special education students, reluctant readers and many dyslexic learners will benefit from the professional narration with highlighted word recognition that will help them recognize words they might normally have had trouble identifying. Additionally, because our collection includes grades PreK-8, struggling, reluctant and gifted readers will all benefit from the variety of subjects, reading levels and the narration opportunities. Other possibilities include after-school and “parents as teacher” programs. These are just a few non-traditional ways to use our collection.

Can you change the speed at which a title is read?

Unfortunately, no, that is not an option because our titles are professionally narrated by real actors rather than a generic computer-generated program. However, you can pause the reading of a title or go back and play the page again.

How does the free trial subscription work?

You are under no obligation when you sign up for a free trial of our product. Unlike some programs, you do not have to pay first as if you are buying it and seek a refund to stop the program. You are able to try the product for up to 14 days while you decide how it will fit within your school or library’s offerings of digital products for your children.

How many of your titles can I try while I am using the free trial subscription?

All of them! Every eBook and all the enhanced features of the Fable Reader™ platform are available throughout the duration of the free trial. We want you to have the full experience of the exceptional quality of both our content and our delivery system while making the decision to subscribe.

What reading tools do you use in relation to your titles?

All titles have been measured according to both Lexile® and Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Levels to help identify their suitability for individual students.

Are your titles available on Accelerated Reader?

More than 200 of our titles have quizzes available. Look on the individual book page to find the quiz number.

Are these titles available in print editions?

A limited number of our original titles such as MALALA YOUSAFZAI: WARRIOR WITH WORDS, Jim Arnosky’s WATER STORIES and Seymour Simon’s entire EINSTEIN ANDERSON: SCIENCE GEEK series are available in print from both Amazon.com and B&N.com, but the rest of our titles, while previously available in print, are no longer available in that format.

How can our library or school access your titles?

We have a number of ways to provide your patrons access to the collection of titles. We offer IP Authentication, Library Card authentication (bar codes) and MARC records. Our support team can help you identify and set up your access in the best way for your patrons. Contact suppport@FableLearning.com for more information.

Setting up and managing your Fable Learning Account:

When you subscribe to the Fable Learning collection, you will control access to the collection for all users, and can assign as many users as you like to the account. You can issue a single, easy-to-remember username and password so that students can quickly and easily login and begin to read. You can also assign passwords for teachers and others that will allow them to use the advanced search function, create reading lists for their students, make comments about individual books that only their students can read, and customize access for the students in their classes.

It is important to remember that for educators, there can be only one user assigned to each email address, so it is important to use the educator’s school or library email address. (Please note that we do not collect or save email addresses for individual students.)

Using Student Search

When students login, they will be directed to a simple search page that allows them to browse all titles, or select books by Title, Author/Illustrator, or Subject. We have kept this search function as simple as possible, while still allowing students to drill down to find the books that interest them.

We know that many children often misspell words, especially unfamiliar words like author names. We have built in a “smart search” that in most instances will offer the correct choice for children to click on.

Using Educator Search:

Our Educator search function allows users to perform complex, combined searches that will help them find eBooks that are just right for their students. Search parameters for educators and parents include:

  • Title
  • Author/Illustrator
  • Subject
  • Targeted age for readers
  • Grade Level
  • Guided Reading Levels (Fountas & Pinnell) 
  • Lexile® Level
  • Accelerated Reader® Level
  • Relationship to Common Core State Standards

I want to see all the books in the Fable Learning collection. How do I SEARCH ALL?

There are a number of ways to see all our books. 1) Click on "Browse our Collection" at the top of the Search module and all of our books will appear on the screen. You can sort this list in a number of ways: Authors (A-Z), Authors (Z-A), Title (A-Z), Title (Z-A), Most Popular, Fiction Only, Nonfiction Only.

I keep entering all the choices I want, and the Search comes up with nothing.

You may be entering too many choices. Try limiting your search criteria to just a few variables, and you are likely to see more results.

When I search by age, I get many books that are either too old or too young for the age I am searching for.

Because all books work for a range of children, you are seeing all books that touch on the range for which you are searching. As an example, when you search for books for 8- to 9-year-olds, you will get both books that skew younger (one for which the suggested age is 5-8) and that skew older (one for which the suggested age is 9-12). In all cases, once you have searched by age range, you will need to review the results and decide which are truly appropriate for your purposes.

I want to search for books that are appropriate for my child or class, but I don’t understand what all the choices mean.

Not everyone who uses the Fable Learning eBook collection will need or want to use all the criteria we provide. Categories like Guided Reading or Lexile® levels are technical distinctions used by professional educators. If you don’t know what they mean, just leave them blank and search by other criteria that are relevant to you, like age or subject.

How can I do an Advanced Search on the iPad or my Android tablet?

We created the Fable Reader app for those users who want to use tablets (which don’t support Flash plugins) to read our eBooks. There are two ways that you can search while you are reading on a tablet:

1. Once you have logged in to the Fable Reader app on your tablet, you can do a simple search by Title, Author or Keyword. The app itself does not have Advanced Search capabilities, but you can still access the Advanced Search dashboard through the tablet’s browser, as described in 2. below.

2. To access the full Advanced Search dashboard, use the tablet’s browser to navigate to www.FableLearning.com. Click on the “Schools & Libraries” tab at the top of the homepage, which will reveal the full Advanced Search bar on the left hand side of the page. Once you have identified the books that meet your search criteria and click on a book to read, you will automatically be directed to the Fable Reader app, where you will log in entering the username and password combination (or other authentication method set up for your library or school). If the Reader app has not already been downloaded to your tablet, you will be prompted with a link to the device’s App Store, where you can download the Fable Reader app and begin using it to read our eBooks. This is the method to use if you plan to use the advanced search and assigned searches capability of our platform.

Using the Fable Learning eBooks on the iPad

Your books won’t play on my iPad. I thought they worked on all devices?

Our eBooks are built in Flash, and that software is incompatible with the iPad. To fix this, we have created a special iPad app called the Fable Reader which enables our eBook to work on the iPad and other tablets. The app is available now in the iTunes App store; once you download it to your iPad, you will be able to read any of our eBooks within our iPad app. Click here to go to the iTunes store and download the app.

How do I get the Fable Reader app for my iPad? Does it cost extra?

The Fable Reader app is free – click here to log into iTunes and download the app. Of course, you will not be able to view our books unless you are a subscriber to the Fable Learning collection of quality eBooks. Click here to find out how to subscribe.

I can’t find the forward and back arrows. How do I turn the pages on the iPad?

On an iPad, you turn the page in an eBook by swiping your finger from the right-hand edge of the page toward the middle.

How do I find the top and bottom menus on the iPad?

Simply tap once anywhere on the screen, and the top menu (which has icons for Notes, GoTo, Search, Choose Reading Mode, and Play/Pause Narration) and the bottom menu (which shows all pages as thumbnails so you can jump to any page you like) will both appear. Tap a second time, and both menus will close.

Why is there no highlighter on the iPad?

This functionality is not available on the iPad due to restrictions in the Apple software. Fable Learning users can highlight text on all other devices, but not on the iPad.

There is no Zoom button on the top navigation menu of the iPad app.

You can always zoom into a page in order to see an image or text more clearly. Simply “pinch” your iPad screen with your thumb and forefinger, and it will zoom in.

When I pinched the iPad screen to zoom in, the narration stopped.

Sometimes pinching and zooming on the iPad while the narration is going on will cause the device to lose the sync between the words (which are moving during the zoom) and the voice. If this happens, simply tap your screen once and then tap on the “Play” arrow in the top menu to make the narration begin again.

How do I get out of one book and choose another when I am using the iPad app?

Tap once on the iPad screen, which will cause the top menu to drop down. Click on the icon which looks like several books lined up on a shelf. This will take you back to the bookshelf, where you can choose another book to read.

Using the Fable Learning eBooks on Android Tablets and Smartphones:

Your eBooks won’t play on my Android tablet. I thought they worked on all devices?

Our eBooks are built in Flash, and that software is incompatible with Android tablets using Android 4.1 and higher . To fix this, we have created a special Android app called the Fable Reader which enables our eBook to work on tablets and smartphones. The app is available now in the Google Play store; once you download it to your tablet, you will be able to read any of our eBooks within the app. Click here to go to the Google Play store and download the app.

How do I get the Fable Reader app for my tablet? Does it cost extra?

The Fable Reader app is free – click here to go to the Google Play store and download the app. Of course, you will not be able to view our books unless you are a subscriber to the Fable Learning collection of quality eBooks. Click here to find out how to subscribe.

How do I get the Fable Reader app for Kindle Fire

The Fable Reader app is free – click here to go to the Amazon App Store and download the app. Note that our app only works on 2nd generation and later Kindle Fire HD tablets. Here is a list of devices with which our app is compatible: Kindle Fire HD 7 (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD 7 (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen).

I can’t find the forward and back arrows. How do I turn the pages on a tablet?

On a tablet, you turn the page in an eBook by swiping your finger from the edge of the page toward the middle.

How do I find the top and bottom menus on my tablet?

Simply tap once anywhere on the screen, and the top menu (which has icons for Notes, GoTo, Search, Choose Reading Mode, Play/Pause Narration and Help) and the bottom menu (which shows all pages as thumbnails so you can jump to any page you like) will both appear. Tap a second time, and both menus will close.

How do I get out of one book and choose another when I am using the Android app?

Tap once on the screen, which will cause the top menu to drop down. Click on the icon which looks like several books lined up on a shelf. This will take you back to the bookshelf, where you can choose another book to read.


Using Fable Learning in the classroom:

How can I help my students get the most out of the Fable Reader narration modes?

With the Fable Reader™, teachers and students can read just like paper books, but there is also narration support for those who need it. Children can choose “AutoPlay” and the Reader will read the entire text, highlighting the words as they are read. In the “Read to Me” mode, the reader can turn the pages and start the narration at his/or her own pace. You might want to encourage your children to read the book more than once. Let them have the narration on the first time and then try reading on their own. We have found that struggling readers are less likely to give up when they know they can get support for words they do not know.

Can students access the collection from home?

Yes! If students have Internet at home, they can open the Fable Reader and access the library from their home computer or any tablet with wireless access. Parents can also access our collection at home and enjoy Fable Learning eBooks as read-alouds with their children.

How do I help students find books in the collection?

Students can search by title, author, and subject, or they can browse through the entire collection. But if they need more guidance, teachers can use the advanced search menu to look for books by subject, author, title, Guided Reading, Lexile® and Accelerated Reader® reading levels, or Common Core State Standards. They can then create reading lists for specific students or classes, and share these with their students.

Can I use an interactive whiteboard for reading with the class?

Yes! As long as you have streaming internet access, you can open the reader and access the Fable Learning library from your interactive whiteboard. On the whiteboard, you can use the Notes and Highlighting features to mark text for your students.

What kinds of activities work well with eBooks?

Every title in the Fable Learning library comes with a free Teaching Link that provides grade-level Common Core State Standards Links, plus ideas for deepening the learning with extension activities. For more about Teaching Links, click here to read the article entitled "Teaching Links Designed to Support Common Core State Standards."

Some of your eBooks are inappropriate for my child or class.

The publishers at Fable Learning make every effort to acquire and publish eBooks that are of the highest quality, vetting the books for accuracy of information, appropriateness for the recommended audience, and educational value. However, the question of what is appropriate is always a matter of individual taste. As with any media consumption by children, the parent, guardian, or educator must pay attention to what their children are reading, and make the final determination of what is appropriate for their child.

Family Subscriptions:

Our family is considering a "family" subscription to your services and would like clarification about access on that type of subscription. Specifically, can more than one child access the family account at the same time?

The Family Subscription comes with what we call 3 “login seats” for children of the household, and 1 “Caregiver seat” that would presumably be for you. The children’s seats have full access to the collection with limited search capability, and your seat as Caregiver would have the same access plus a sophisticated multilevel search, Teaching Links, and other administrative capabilities.

Authors and Illustrators:

I can think of two or three authors that I use all the time with my children. How can I submit a request to have them added to the collection?

We love to receive suggestions from educators (parents, too!), particularly in the early stages of building our collection. You can use the Contact Us page to send your ideas, or write to us at info@fablelearning.com.

Why don’t you have all of David Adler’s books? My class wants to read Cam Jansen, and they were disappointed not to find those books here.

Unfortunately, every book by every author is not available to us. In some cases, that is because the original publisher of the book still controls the rights and has not given us permission to make it available here. In other cases the original publisher of the book may not yet have converted it to an eBook. You can write to a publisher and let them know that you hope to see their books in the Fable Learning collection. We also want to hear your suggestions about rights to out-of-print books that we should try to acquire and publish as eBooks. Use our Contact Page any time to send us your suggestions.


Technical Issues:

I can’t login in with my username and password.

Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, so be sure to check that your CAPS Lock key is not activated and that you are entering the exact username and password that you were issued.

I don’t remember my username and/or password.

If you are a student, check with the person who issued you the original password.

If you are an educator or parent, you can request to have your username and password sent to the email address assigned to your account, and can also change your password if desired. The links for resetting and reminding of passwords can be found at www.fablelearning.com/sign-in.html

When I enter my username and password and try to log-in to Fable Learning, I get a message that reads "invalid token." What is the problem and why can’t I log in?

The "invalid token" message most often appears when you click in “Log In” a second time while the computer is already in the process of logging you in. In general, you can avoid this problem by entering your username and password, clicking ONCE on the “Log In” button, and waiting a few seconds for the computer to complete your log in. You will see a message at the bottom of your screen that reads: “waiting for logintoread.com” while you are waiting, which lets you know that the process is underway.

However, if you accidentally click the Log In button twice and get the “invalid token” message, you can do the following: 1) Close the window where the “Invalid Token” message appears. 2) Open a new window and navigate to www.logintoread.com. 3) Enter your username and password again, and press “Log In.” REMEMBER, ONLY PRESS THE BUTTON ONCE, wait a few seconds, and you should be logged in and ready to read. If the problem persists, clear your computer’s cache, and follow steps 1 to 3 again.

I can’t see my eBooks. Last time I used Fable Learning everything worked fine, but now the “Read Now” button has disappeared and I can’t access any of the books.

Check to be sure that you are logged in. If you are not logged in as an accredited subscriber, you will not be given access to our eBooks. There is a login window at the top right of every page.

When I try to read an eBook, the right hand side of the page is cut off.

Try increasing the screen resolution on your computer or tablet. Our Fable Reader™ is optimized to display at resolutions of 1200 pixels or higher.

The "Notes" tool doesn't work.

Once you know the two steps that you employ each time, it's easy to use Notes. First step: mouse over the top of the screen until the drop-down menu appears, and click once on Note. Second step: move your mouse to the page you are working on and double-click to activate the note. So, if you are inserting a new note, click once on Note in the top menu, and then click twice on the page where you want to insert the new note. Or, if you are trying to open an existing note, follow the same procedure: click once on Note in the top menu, and then double-click on the note you want to open. And don't forget to click "SAVE" when you are finished composing your note, or your writing will be lost!

I am trying to write inside a Sticky note, and the typing doesn't show up.

You probably have the book in full screen mode - you can't type inside Notes when the book is full-screen. Hit the "Escape" button to exit full-screen and click inside the note again. You should be able to type now.

How do I get out of the Fable Reader™ when I'm done reading a book and want to go back to my Search to find a different book?

The Fable Reader™ opens in a new window, so one way to get back to your Search page is to simply click on the previous window. Another way is to click on the "Fable Reader" logo, in the top lefthand corner of every page. That will take you back to search for a new eBook.

I’m having trouble seeing the Fable Learning eBooks on my browser.

For the best reading experience, an Internet connection speed of at least 1 mbps is recommended.

  • PC Minimum Requirement: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8
  • Mac Minimum Requirement: OS 10.4 or later

Fable Learning is best viewed in the following browsers:

  • Firefox version 3.0 and above; Safari version 3.0 and above; Internet Explorer 8 and 9; Chrome all versions.
  • Flash Plug-In for Browsers: 11.x or later


  • iPad: The Fable Reader app for the iPad can be downloaded directly from the iPad App Store, and requires iOS 4.3 or later. Click here to download the free app from iTunes.
  • Android: The Fable Reader app requires Android 2.3 or later. Click here to download the free app from the Google Play Store.
  • Kindle Fire: The current version of the Fable Reader app is optimized for the Kindle Fire HD; earlier versions of the Kindle Fire may experience some lag in performance due to the slower processor. Click here to download the free app from the Amazon App Store.

Can I view Fable Learning on my Kindle or Nook E-Reader?

You can access on the collection with any reader that includes a browser and Internet access. If you want to download individual titles permanently to your reader, you can buy individual copies of our titles at Amazon, Apple iTunes, and Barnes&Noble online stores.

I don’t see the answer to my problem here: who can I contact for help?

You can send emails with requests for support to support@fablelearning.com.