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Spanish Bilingual Collection

Schools and libraries can now offer a high quality eBook collection, designed to support English Language Learners in acquiring academic vocabulary in both English and Spanish, and to enable both English- and Spanish-speaking children to learn the same, Standards-aligned content together. Try us: FREE 14-day trial available.

100 paired English/Spanish editions

The eBooks are narrated by native language speakers for both language groups, and primarily cover informational subjects such as science, biography, poetry and historical fiction, focused on grades K–6.

This exclusive collection includes mentor texts from respected authors such as Pat Mora, David Adler, Kathleen Krull, Kathryn Lasky, Pamela Muñoz Ryan and Seymour Simon.

Some of the popular titles included in the collection are: MALALA YOUSAFZAI: WARRIOR WITH WORDS by Karen Leggett Abouraya, 10 BEARS IN MY BED by Stan Mack, MARIA MOLINA AND THE DAYS OF THE DEAD by Kathleen Krull, A LIBRARY FOR JUANA by Pat Mora, YOU BREATHE IN, YOU BREATHE OUT by David A. Adler, WHEELS AROUND by Shelley Rotner, and 21 titles, including DANGER! EARTHQUAKES, from Seymour Simon.

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Dr. Linda M. Espinosa, a member of the Fable Learning Educational Advisory Board, is currently Co-PI for the Getting on Track for Early School Success: Effective Teaching in Preschool Classrooms project at the University of Chicago. Dr. Espinosa’s research and policy work has focused on young children from low-income families who are dual language learners. She was recently appointed to the National Academies Committee on Fostering School Success for English Language Learners

Tick a box for Spanish “The timing of the release of this collection is exceptional,” said Dr. Espinosa, adding, “the need for materials to support dual language is great as we work to foster bilingualism and bi-literacy in young children.” According to Espinosa, English Language Learners will ideally read a selected book in Spanish first (so that s/he understands the content), and then will read the same book in English.

In order to help bilingual students locate these dual language books within the larger Fable Learning collection, the company has upgraded its platform with several new features. When using the search dashboard, a child (or teacher) will be able to tick a box to limit their search to bilingual books.

And, so that students can quickly and easily find the English-language version of a book after they’ve read it in Spanish, the book information page for each bilingual book offers both languages simultaneously, with buttons that allow a student to “Read in English” or “Leer en español” with a single click.

Same information, two languages

Spanish Bilingual eBooks are automatically added to existing Fable Learning subscriptions, or the Bilingual Collection can be purchased on its own. Click Here to learn more about pricing and availability for your school or library.

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