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Teaching Links Designed to Support Common Core Learning Standards

Teacher at Laptop, wearing glassesEvery eBook in the Fable Learning Library comes with a free Teaching Links guide that includes suggestions for CCSS correlation and ideas for using our materials to deliver on Common Core State Standards at various grade levels. Our highly readable library and robust search engine enables educators to locate engaging, visually exciting eBooks designed to deliver on Common Core's increased emphasis on informational texts.

 Take a moment now to download a sample Teaching Links document to accompany a Fable Learning eBook, so that we can walk you through and make sense of the rich resources you will find there.

The Teaching Links are designed to help Educators use our eBooks in support of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (“the Standards”).

The CCSS is broken down into Grade-specific K–12 standards, translating the broad (and, for the earliest grades, seemingly distant) aims of the CCSS into age- and attainment-appropriate terms.

Fable Learning brought in qualified literacy specialists Linda Hoyt and Leah Starkovich to analyze the CCSS English Language Arts standards and develop a template through which educators using our eBooks can find age-appropriate ways to use them in the classroom.

Each eBook in the Fable Learning collection, regardless of what subject it pertains to, is analyzed and matched to the four main English Language Arts categories:

1. Reading, which has 10 anchor standards organized under either...

RL = Reading Literature


RI = Reading Informational Text

2. Writing (W) has 10 anchor standards.

3. Speaking and Listening (SL) has 6 anchor standards.

4. Language (L) has 6 anchor standards.

Then, our literacy specialists look at grade levels for which the eBooks are intended, and suggest specific standards that suit the particular book.

Here is a portion of the Teaching Link for Jennifer Owings Dewey’s FACES ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE, and an explanation of the coding:

Teaching Links: First sample

Since this book is recommended for grades 3 to 4, all the Common Core suggestions pertain to those grade levels.

RI.3.2 means: Reading Informational Text/Grade Three/Standard 2.

RI.4.8 refers to Reading Informational Text/Grade Four/Standard 8.

RI.4.9 refers to Reading Informational Text/Grade Four/Standard 9.

The Teaching Links document has similar suggestions for the other three categories.

Teaching Link: Second example

Again, these translate as follows:

W.4.1: Writing/Grade Four/Standard 1.

SL.3.2: Speaking and Listening/Grade Three/Standard 2.

L.4.4: Language/Grade Four/Standard 4.

And finally, at the bottom of each document we have included suggested activities to use in conjunction with these standards in the classroom. Individual educators will want to adapt, expand and/or adjust these specific activities for their particular classroom.

Teaching Link: Third example

We have worked hard to provide Teaching Links to accompany every book in the Fable Learning collection, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot do better! We are very open to your feedback and suggestions. Please write to us anytime with your thoughts by clicking on Contact Us – it’s at the bottom of every page.

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