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Living Dangerously: Women Who Risked Their Lives for Adventure

American Women Who Risked Their Lives for Adventure
Illustrator:Photo IllustratedPublisher:StarWalk Kids Media
Target Age:9 - 12Grade:4 - 7
Social Studies/History, U.S.
Social Studies/Multicultural
Narration:noLexile Level:860L
Guided Reading Level:TReading:RI.6.1 RI.4.4 RI.5.9
Writing:W.4.2W.5.7W.6.8Speaking and Listening:SL.5.2
Language:L.6.5AR Level:N/A
AR Quiz:N/A


Six adventurous and inspiring stories of American women who defied social convention, prejudice, fear, and even disabilities to undertake dangerous missions.

Editorial Reviews

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: Living Dangerously

Rappaport casts her fishing net over the vast and teeming waters of the 20th century and plucks out six American women who have little in common except grit. In a "you are there" reportorial style, she spotlights days in the lives of thrill seekers and explorers. But her book is dedicated to the woman whose story fills the final pages: Thecla Mitchell, who overcomes a physical handicap to run the New York City marathon.

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Grade 3-6. A collective biography that reads like a novel. Annie Edson Taylor, Annie Smith Peck, Bessie Coleman, Delia Akeley, Eugenie Clark, and Thecla Mitchell all have one thing in common--they are women who struggled against social conventions and physical challenges to accomplish amazing feats.

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