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Tinker Vs. Des Moines

Be the Judge/Be the Jury
Illustrator:John PalencarPublisher:StarWalk Kids Media
Target Age:10 - 14Grade:7 - 8
Pages:154Subject:Social Studies
Social Studies/History, U.S.
Social Studies/Civil Rights
Social Studies/Law & Crime
Narration:noLexile Level:900L
Series:Be the Judge Be the JuryGuided Reading Level:Z
Reading:RI.7.3 RI.8.5 RI.7.9Writing:W.7.2W.8.7W.7.9
Speaking and Listening:SL.8.4Language:L.7.4
AR Level:N/AAR Quiz:N/A


In 1965, school officials in Des Moines, Iowa, banned the wearing of black arm bands by students protesting the Vietnam War. When the students wore the arm bands anyway, they were suspended. Were the students' constitutional rights violated? Are students in public schools entitled to Freedom of Speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution? Readers will sit in the judge's chair and decide who is right. The US Supreme Court Decision in this case still affects the rights and limitations of free speech in schools. 

Editorial Reviews

KIRKUS REVIEWS: Be the Judge/Be the Jury: Tinker Vs. Des Moines

An illumination of the issues raised in an important 1965 case testing students' civil liberties. Carefully setting the stage in a Vietnam-era high school, Rappaport tells how seven students who wore black armbands to mourn the war dead were suspended. Three sued the school board for violating their right of free speech; seven letters from a local newspaper illustrate the breadth and depth of community reaction.

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SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL: Be the Judge/Be the Jury: Tinker Vs. Des Moines

Grade 5 Up: A clear, concise portrayal of the 1969 Supreme Court decision that upheld the right of Iowa students to wear black armbands to school in December, 1965, in protest of the Vietnam War. This well-documented book includes background information and carefully selected black-and-white photos.

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