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Victory or Death! (Part 1)

Stories of the American Revolution
Illustrator:Greg CallPublisher:Fable Learning
Target Age:6 - 10Grade:4 - 6
Social Studies/History, U.S.
Narration:yesLexile Level:810L
Guided Reading Level:VReading:RI.4.1 RI.5.3 RI.6.8
Writing:W.4.1W.5.7W.3.8Speaking and Listening:SL.5.4
Language:L.6.3AR Level:5.7
AR Quiz:69399


What was it like for George Washington and his troops as they crossed the Delaware River in a ferocious snowstorm late in the evening of Christmas Day 1776? How did sixteen-year-old Sybil Ludington rally her father's militia to battle the British? What did Peter Brown do as cannon fire exploded all about him during the Battle of Bunker Hill? These stories provide inspiring and riveting glimpses into the lives of people who took part in the fight for independence — on the battlefield and off.

Editorial Reviews

BOOKLIST: Victory or Death!

Gr. 4-6. The authors take a compelling idea and run with it: real people who committed brave or heroic acts during the American Revolution. Each chapter is very short and relies on vivid dramatization and notes at the conclusion to tell just what is historically accurate and what had to be inferred.

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Grade 4-7. In these eight short stories, the authors have included familiar names as well as lesser-known, culturally diverse heroes of the American Revolution. In their introduction they state, "We've tried to reflect the many cultures in America during that time."

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