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50 Breathtaking Halloween Makeup Ideas – The WoW Style

Makeup is what gives your Halloween costume a real wow-effect. It is just as essential as a the Halloween costume itself or you can use it as a last minute accent if you are an impusive person and usually decide everything in the last moment. We have put together some really pretty and scary Halloween makeup ideas for men, women and kids. Some

Just add cat makeup for Halloween to compliment the pointy ears and curly tail. If you want to do your own cat face makeup, we put together a cat Halloween makeup tutorial. It's simple and only involves a couple of products that will come in handy for a multidute of costume makeup ideas.

For enviable Halloween cat makeup, get the perfect base by using a makeup sponge to apply foundation that is several times lighter than your skin to the nose, middle of the forehead, under the eyes, along the cheeks and down the chin.

55 Creepiest Makeup Ideas For Halloween… #36 Is More Than Anyone Can Handle. When we were kids, we used to wear those plastic masks and basic crayons to draw attention on Halloween, but those are past things.

Leopard. Here's another way to go as a feline for Halloween. With this inspiration from Byrdie, you'll be quite the sexy leopard.

Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. 25 Halloween Makeup Looks That Are Actually Easy. Take that cat costume to the next level. Write little C's on your lids

50 Breathtaking Halloween Makeup Ideas – The WoW Style
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