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10 Adorable Halloween Breakfast Ideas for Kids. It starts with breakfast and, of course, continues right through trick-or-treating. When it comes to breakfast, the only rule is that I don't serve anything too sweet (gotta power up for a whole school day ahead!) and nothing too spooky (that time when I made deviled eggs with black olive spiders on top

A Peek at the Fun: Want a fun Halloween breakfast idea for the kids on the big day? This Mummy sandwich is super easy to make, looks so cute and is something the kids will love. One of the best parts of parenting is doing little things to create memories or make the kids smile, especially on holidays and special days.

Halloween is just one day a year, so making every second of Oct. 31 special enough that the spooky magic lasts through the next 364 days is no easy feat. To help you start off the morning with a

The kids will be decked out in costumes, and now their lunches can get in on the Halloween fun too. Here are a few lunchbox additions that will trick — and treat — kids and adults alike.

Start by spooning out the orange flesh and carving whatever Halloween-friendly face you desire into the peel, then fill with fruit. Or, if you'd rather serve yogurt or oatmeal, color faces with

Imagine the delight your kids will have on their faces when they see a plate of Halloween Pancakes waiting for them tomorrow morning. Topped with fresh fruit for the faces, this breakfast treat will make your entire family happy and make YOU happy knowing you are feeding your littles a good-for-you

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