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Kara's Party Ideas Moody Fortune Teller Themed Halloween

Use our free printable bat template for this fun Halloween craft. Wrap black paper around a bottle of Halloween bubbles (or any other treat around the same size) to give this bat a body. Use googly eyes and a marker to create a goofy face, then tape one end of each wing to the back of the bottle, and let these bubble bats fly off with the trick-or-treaters.

Adult Halloween Party Ideas Spike the punch, create adult size snacks, and prepare for an awesome Halloween party for adults you know. Consider a theme for your adult party and build your food, games, and party decorations around it.

This collection of Halloween party ideas for adults has me inspired. Some day, I will have a do-over Halloween party to make up for the one that I had back in university. Because let's face it - I LOVE Halloween, and it's so much fun to do things that are a little bit odd and out of the ordinary! 34 Inspiring Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

This Halloween party game for kids is similar to the old Hot Potato game. Kids pass around mini pumpkins and if they're caught holding the pumpkin when the music stops then they're out. This is a fun game that even the littlest kids can play.

Test the memories of your guests in this fun Halloween party game. You get to create the cards with this free online memory card generator. Choose to have 6 or 12 unique picture cards and then choose "Halloween" as your theme. The pictures on the cards include a jack o' lantern, Frankenstein, a witch, vampire, haunted house, and more.

You've sent out the Halloween party invitations, brainstormed all the halloween party ideas, carved the jack-o-lanterns and the guests are about to arrive.People of all ages love any excuse to play games. Whether you're planning a monster-themed masquerade ball or a pumpkin-filled harvest festival, our list of 26 Halloween party games has things to do for every event.

Kara's Party Ideas Moody Fortune Teller Themed Halloween
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