Lenovo Legion Y7000P

The Lenovo Legion Y7000P is a creature. What initially appears to be just another variation in the very long line of budget gaming laptops is in fact a highly effective machine. Even the Y7000P sports an Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia pictures and enough RAM capable of supplying for virtually any present gaming demand. It comes with a more than competent display and the majority of the peripherals hold up to scrutiny also.

The notebook carries a minimalist gamer form factor with a black case along with white-only backlighting. The Y7000P’s no frills strategy has all the ports hidden in the rear of the device, for better or worse, and included software is limited to 2 Lenovo applications specifically for gamers. It comes with more surprises as well: longer-than-expected battery lifetime and a heating control system which appears to handle cooling than many.

It is not a perfect device, with some flawed features such as a mediocre sound platform and the lack of an SD card reader, but the biggest disadvantage is the Lenovo Legion Y7000P is still so tough to find.

Here is that the Lenovo Legion Y7000P configuration delivered to TechRadar for inspection:

Very few retailers take the version, and a search through the Lenovo site comes up empty. It ends up the Y7000P is only accessible through a couple of large retailers, such as Amazon. But when it does appear, it can be had for a reasonable $999 (roughly #765, AU$1,400). This is to get a simpler system compared to assessed, with just 8GB RAM and overlooking the second hard drive.


The design of this Y7000p is somewhat distinctive as it provides a mature minimalist appearance that’s still obviously supposed to evoke a gaming notebook. The rear of the display panel has a matte yet chic aluminum lid, whereas the rest of the pc is encased in sturdy matte black plastic. The sole allure to the pc are the harshly slanting vents at front and rear, and the white backlighting on the computer keyboard, power button and screen panel. All in all, it’s one of the more attractive gaming laptops we have come across.

While the laptop isn’t covered in ports, it does have enough for nearly any requirement. Additionally, it has a USB-C interface for those who want to utilize a blazing fast external hard disk drive. The majority of the ports are on the back, however, which is an odd selection and may make laptop placement awkward, especially because the AC adapter port is right there at the middle. Also, we would have liked to find a SD card reader included in the interface selection.

The cooling system in this laptop may be among the most noticeable positives here. Most gaming laptops tend to get noticeably hot under anxiety, typically right under the keyboard. Yet with all the Y7000P, even under the duress of graphics-heavy AAA matches, the notebook’s two lovers and three heating pipes appear to keep temperatures down with ease.

That is not to say people couldn’t hear the lovers as they were running quite frequently, however. This is not a quiet computer.

The subtle design continues inside with a slim bezel around its nice-looking 15.6-inch full HD display. Though it does have a chin at which you will get the webcam that’s either pointing at your knuckles or up your nose. Display brightness is typical for its class in approximately 300 nits and colour performance is good enough for gambling. If you need a wide color gamut for video and photo work, this won’t reduce it.

The keyboard is good, but nothing unique. There is 1.7mm of travel, which is nice, and they readily pop up when pressed on. However, they do have a softness to them which some might not care for, but I found comfortable for extended gaming sessions. The shrunken number pad may bother some too, though it does allow for bigger individual arrow keys. (I prefer that the diminished arrow keys of this Asus TUF line.) There is a single-color white backlight with two degrees of brightness.

The touchpad is nice, but missing different buttons, which can be sort of annoying not to get for casual gambling. It’s a Windows Precision touchpad, also, so you receive multitouch gesture support. It’s smooth and responsive, but you need to feel free to correct the sensitivity to tame your cursor.

Obtaining a six-core Intel processor and Nvidia GTX 1060 images for a little more than $1,000 is fairly wonderful. Lenovo is not alone in hitting that cost for those parts , but the remaining part of the bundle makes it stand out.

You will be able to play the latest games in high or ultra settings and it provides you headroom for your future. Not a lot mind you, however, it is room that you won’t ever get by moving with a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti. Also, if you are toying with the idea of getting a VR headset, then the GTX 1060 can manage it.

Despite the notebook’s comparative portability, the battery life remains that of a normal gaming notebook. Do not expect to have anywhere close to that playing matches, though — you will be lucky if you get past an hour and a half. Still for day-to-day stuff like web browsing, streaming video and music and workplace or college work, you are going to be able to get four or five hours from it.

Last year, there were a good deal more gaming laptops accessible around the 1,000 markworth buying compared to in the past. With Nvidia adding its new 20-series portable graphics chips into the market this year, it appears that that’s not going to stop as prices start coming back on older models using Nvidia’s GTX GPUs. That’s where you’ll come across laptops such as Lenovo’s Legion Y7000P, that offer a lot of graphics and processing power for significantly less. You forfeit some gambling extras you’ll discover even on its equally priced Legion Y730, but you get better performance instead.

The trackpad in the Y7000P is more than adequate for most expansion requirements, and we don’t encounter any real difficulties with presses that are missed. Its left of centre placement does lead to certain accidental palm presses, which is a bit frustrating. And, you more than likely will use an external mouse when gaming anyway.

The keyboard is not the most gambling centric one we have come across. It only has a few gaming associated hotkeys, such as touchpad lock and screen choice, with the rest of the hotkeys devoted to networking menus. The keyboard only offers white backlighting that could be set to 3 levels (off, medium and glowing ). Bear this in mind when RGB lighting is equally critical.

However, the keyboard does have a textured dimensional feel to it that makes typing a pleasant encounter. The keys appear to be wider and taller than on most keyboards, particularly the arrow keys (which are crucial in gambling ), but it just takes some adjustment to get used to. And, in addition, it has just the correct amount of travel, 1.7mm, for rapid and precise answers. While this may not be online with competitive gaming keyboards, it is more than sufficient to deal with the requirements of most games.
Display, camera and sound

The sound quality to the Y7000P, courtesy of stereo Harman speakers, is fairly balanced without the sort of tinny high notes that cheap speakers tend to produce or the overwhelming bass with which other machines seem to overcompensate. Literary and music audio effects are relatively accurate sounding, and games with amazing sound, such as Far Cry 5, are pleasant to hear. There’s no ear distress involved here.

The sound stage has been a let down, however. Not that it is not there; we could listen to some semblance of movement in the games and films we’ve been analyzing. But it tends be narrower than normal, which can prevent you from feeling completely immersed.

While the display runs in a serviceable 60Hz refresh speed, it is still accurate and responsive with no problems. Pictures are sharp, and the colour reproduction is much more than enough for every gamer’s needs. When running games such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it is a joy to only have the scenery of the game, while it is riding a horse through the countryside or drifting out to sea.

The sole issue with the display is that the backlighting on the lower left side displays through a bit when the screen is reproducing dark colors. We are unsure whether this is simply an issue with our review design, but it is a flaw nevertheless.

The webcam which comes contained is 720p and is adequate compared to all that come standard on laptops. But, its placement at the base of the display panel makes for bizarre positioning.

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